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Our product line is manufactured from red alder. Red alder is a tree which grows in the western United States, often intermixed with Douglas Fir. It is enjoying considerable popularity now because of its moderate price, ease of finishing, and its ability to compliment nearly any decor. Although the alder tree is a hardwood, its wood is not exceptionally hard. It is harder than pine but softer than oak or maple. Alder is produced in many grades according to surface characteristics. We manufacture primarily from the premium frame grade (PFG). The PFG grade is knotty but on the whole the knots are small, tight, and not likely to fall out. Some holes can be expected.

We divide our product line into (1) Door and window moulding, (2) Flooring, and (3) Paneling. Choose the links below to view descriptions, profiles, and current pricing

You may obtain samples of our product line by filling out and submitting our samples quick order form.

Door, Window, and Crown Mouldings

Alder wood flooring


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