Frequently asked questions

The following questions are frequently asked by our customers when purchasing knotty alder mouldings online.

Why should I buy mouldings online when I can buy them at the local box store? It's unlikely you will find our products there. Our mouldings are specialized. They are produced full thickness and milled to make a distinctive and quality product. Most mass produced mouldings found in box stores are resawed ( the source stock is split down the middle and milled to give 2 thin pieces) and marketed for price only

I like the look of knotty alder but I am concerned about the number of holes and cracks that appear in your photos. Do I fill the cracks? The choice is yours! Knot holes and cracks are usually filled when alder is used for flooring. Window and door trim often is not filled. Large, unsightly holes should be cut out. Remember, knotty alder is a casual looking product better suited for rustic decors.

I am concerned about shipping my orders. What if my mouldings are damaged? We carefully package our orders to minimize shipping damages. Small amounts of damage might be expected and you should be able to cut these out or install them so that the damage is not visible. Massive damage must be reported to the shipper and a damage claim filed with them. We can help you if this occurs. While the damage claim is being processed, we will replace your damaged material so that you are not unnecessarily delayed with your project.

I have never bought from your company. How do I know that my credit card information is secure and that you are a reputable company?Our online order form is secure.If you are overly concerned you may call us with credit card information. Our business has been in continual operation since 1981. You can contact our local Better Business Bureau or Dunn and Bradstreet if you are inclined

I have fir floors in my house or wood of some other species besides alder. Will knotty alder moulding look good with my floor?Knotty alder looks good with nearly any existing wood floors. It looks particularly good with fir floors as both woods have a rich brown/red tone. Unlike common pine, alder readily takes a stain with minimum of blotching. This characteristic makes knotty alder even more versatile.

How hard is alder wood?Alder is classified by botanists as a hardwood because the tree loses its leaves in winter. However, it is not a physically hard wood such as maple or hickory. Most people would rate is as moderately soft, on the order of common pine or fir. It is softer than oak, cherry, or walnut. It will dent more easily that these woods, but the knotty and rustic character of alder hides most minor damage. We do not recommend using alder flooring in high traffic or commercial applications.

You do not have enough alder moulding to fill my order request. How long will I have to wait for my order to be shipped complete?We make a concentrated effort to produce enough stock to fill most orders. I case we do not, we will fill your order in 3 weeks or less.

I do not want alder moulding. Can you quote me on other wood species? Yes! Contact us at

Info desk@
and we will return your request as soon as possible. You can also call us @ 406-570-9476 (hrs 7:30 am to 9:00 pm MST) or fax us @ 406-388-4900 (USA)

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